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Updated 1/30/2024

To get the most from these sheets, please read the Guide to Pet Insurance first.

NOTE: Nationwide now provides insurance for the Petco brand. Nationwide has many plans and at the time of this writing, it is unclear which Nationwide plan/s are available to Petco customers and if there are any Petco specific features. It appears that Petco's plan may be Nationwide's Modular Plan but certain links on Petco's website go to Nationwide pages that have all of Nationwide's plan's listed.

If you buy a plan through Petco's brand, make sure you throughly understand what you are getting with your policy.

Company Info
Company Name Petco
Also Known As / Affiliates / Partners Petco has partnered with Nationwide to provide pet insurance.
Phone 844-244-3649
Plans That Provide Both Accident and Illness Coverage Petco Accident and Illness Plan*
States Covered Not Clear
Underwriter and AM Best Financial Strength Rating Insurance underwritten by Veterinary Pet Insurance Company (in California) and National Casualty Company (in all other states)

Veterinary Pet Insurance Company has an AM Best Financial Strength Rating of "A" and an Outlook of "Stable" as of 1/30/2024.

National Casualty Company has an AM Best Financial Strength Rating of "A" and an Outlook of "Stable" as of 1/30/2024.

For the most recent ratings go to: AM Best
Year Company Started Petco has partnered with Nationwide Pet Insurance. Nationwide acquired VPI in 2015. VPI was started in 1982.


Policy Basics
Policy Term Not Clear
Effective Date The Effective Date will be listed on the Declarations Page of your policy after you apply and are accepted.
Enrollment Age Not Clear
Cancellation Policy Ask for a current copy of their insurance policy so that you may review their cancellation policy
Waiting Period 14 days for illness

14 days for accidents

It is not clear if there is a waiting period for hip dysplasia or cruciate and meniscal damage.

**Waiting Periods can vary by state. See actual policy or contact Petco to confirm the waiting periods for your state.
Waiting Period for Cruciate Injury Not Clear
Coverage When Travel Out of State or Country? You can choose any licensed veterinarian worldwide
Can the Price of the Policy Increase as my Pet Ages? Yes, the policy premium can increase as your pet ages. The premium may also increase due to inflation or other reasons.

Contact the company for more information on when and by how much your premium may increase.
Does Coverage Stop Due to Age? No
What Happens when the Policy Renews? Not Clear
Can the Price of the Policy Increase if a Claim is Filed? Not Clear
Choice of Vet? You can choose any licensed veterinarian worldwide
Money Back Guarantee? There is a 10 day money back guarantee. They will refund your money in full as long as you have not filed a claim.

*May vary by state
Surcharge for Visiting a Specialist or Emergency Clinic? No
Referral needed to Visit a Specialist? No
Pre-certification Required? No
Additional Requirements **See actual policy or contact Petco for a complete list of the requirements you are expected to adhere to in order to maintain coverage.
Pet Insurance Policy Available for Pre-Purchase Review? Sample Policy is NOT Available on Petco's Site


What's Covered
Species Covered Dogs and Cats

Petco, through Nationwide, covers birds and exotic pets - See Nationwide Pet Insurance (Birds and Exotic Pets)-Comparison Sheet
Accident/Injury -
Baseline Coverage
Covers examinations, diagnostics and lab tests, surgery, treatments, hospitalization, prescription medication.
Illness -
Baseline Coverage
Not Clear
Behavioral Therapy Coverage Not Clear
Alternative Therapy Coverage Not Clear
Pre-existing Conditions Policy Pre-existing conditions are not covered.

According to website a pre-existing condition is "Any condition that began or was contracted, manifested or incurred before the effective date of the policy or during any waiting period is considered pre-existing and therefore not covered under our medical plans."

"...If a condition has been noted as pre-existing and excluded from coverage, the condition may be eligible for coverage once the condition has been deemed cured by the attending veterinarian and your pet has been treatment-free for at least six months (including dietary or medical management). Chronic conditions or conditions that cannot be cured are not eligible for review."

**See actual policy or contact Petco for complete description of their pre-existing conditions policy.
Hereditary & Congenital Conditions Coverage Not Clear
Continual Coverage for Chronic Conditions Not Clear
Chronic Conditions Policy Not Clear
Cancer Coverage Not Clear
Cancer Coverage Limits Not Clear
Hip Dysplasia Not Clear
Prescription Drug Coverage Not Clear
Pregnancy Coverage Not Clear
Routine/Wellness Coverage [OPTIONAL]

**See actual policy or contact Petco for complete description of their Wellness Coverage
Vaccinations See Routine/Wellness Coverage above for details
Spay/Neuter See Routine/Wellness Coverage above for details
Dental Care (Routine) See Routine/Wellness Coverage above for details
Dental Care (Illness/Accident) Not Clear
Bilateral Conditions Policy Not Clear
Coverage - Overview
(please read policy for full coverage details)
Not Clear
What's not Covered - Overview
(partial listing, please read policy for full details)
Not Clear


How The Policy Works
Reimbursement Choose from 50% to 90%
May vary by state.
Deductible $100, $250, or $500 annually
May vary by state.
Flat Deductible vs % Deductible Flat
Deductible Per Incident vs Annual Deductible Annual deductible
How is Reimbursement Determined Not Clear
Max Payout Annually $5,000 or Unlimited annual maximum payout.

It is not clear if there are additional limitations.
Max Lifetime Payout This plan does not appear to have a maximum lifetime payout.
Max Payout per Incident This plan does not appear to have a maximum payout per incident.
Max Payout Based on Body System This plan does not appear to have a maximum payout based on body system .
Client Reimbursed or Vet Paid Directly You pay the veterinarian and then you are reimbursed after you file the claim.


Approximate Monthly Costs Approximately $22 - $120 depending on plan, your location, etc


Additional Info
My Review Petco Review
What are Customers Saying? Check with your state's Department of Insurance to see if any complaints have been filed for this company.
Better Business Bureau  
Additional Info  

*The information in the above charts applies to Petco's Accident and Illness Plan only. For information on other plans, please contact Petco.

**Disclaimer: These charts are created based on my research. While I do my best to stay current, information can change quickly. Also, terms and conditions can vary from state to state. Before buying a pet insurance plan, confirm all information by contacting the company or reading the most current policy for your state. We will not be held liable for errors or omissions. If you see something that is incorrect or needs clarifying, please let me know.

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