Pet Insurance Guide

Lesson 2:
How Does Pet Insurance Work?
Part 2

Differences Compared to Human Health Insurance

Pet insurance handles the billing process and network of doctors differently than human health insurance

Billing Process

With human health insurance, the doctor bills the insurance company for you.

With pet insurance, you pay the veterinary bill directly to the veterinarian and then you are reimbursed by the pet insurance company after you file a claim with them.

Doctor Network

With human health insurance, there are a network of doctors that you must use.

With pet insurance, there are no networks. You can visit any licensed veterinarian in the US. Some plans also allow you to visit a licensed veterinarian in another country while traveling.

Pre-Existing Conditions

With human health insurance, at the time of this writing, pre-existing conditions are covered.

With pet insurance, pre-existing conditions are NOT covered. However, there are some companies that may cover a "curable" pre-existing condition if there have been no signs, symptoms or treatments for the condition for a certain length of time.

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